AutoNation Precision Parts batteries for sale

AutoNation Batteries - Built To Last A Lifetime

AutoNation brings a complete line of premium car batteries to Chandler that provide lasting peace of mind. The AutoNation Precision Parts Lifetime Battery comes with a lifetime warranty that you can pick up at any AutoNation dealership to ensure you never have to worry about your car's battery again. With the Lifetime option, should you ever need to have your battery replaced, we'll replace it out-at no cost to you. Expert installation, battery replacement service, and warranties are available with all of our batteries. Have your battery tested and replaced at ANY AutoNation dealership today.

AutoNation Precision Parts battery

Choose Your Precision Parts Battery


Lasting energy, corrosive resistant battery that meets the demands of most climates. Bonus: 20-month free battery replacement.


Everything you get with Economy, plus: patented alloy technology for an even longer life, resistant to vibration, built for extreme climates, power up mobile gadgets, jumpstart assistance. Bonus: 40-month free battery replacement.


With our special Lifetime battery offer, you'll get all the same great benefits as you do with the Performance battery, plus the Security of Lifetime coverage and free battery replacement for the life of your current car!

AutoNation Precision Parts wiper blades

AutoNation Wiper Blades

Did you know 90% of driving decisions are based on information you receive visually? It's true, faulty wiper blades can wreak havoc on your safety on the road. Hence, it is recommended that you replace your wiper blades once every six to twelve months. Get started by reviewing our high-quality replacement windshield wiper blades below. You're on your way to 100% visibility on the road. We have:

Conventional wipers

High quality for a great value, smooth wipe, consistent wear

Beam wipers

Engineered for superior performance, advanced design for longer blade life

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